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A guide to our course, including tips & hints

Heathcote Golf club owns three electric carts that are available for hire through the Vendi Golf platform. For instructions on how to hire one of our carts please see this YouTube video.

Hole 1

Par 5

Dogleg left, longer hitters can go for the green in two, safe option is to lay up and play a percentage shot over creek that runs through the approach zone.

Hole 2

Par 3

Seemingly straightforward par 3, don’t let the gum tree sheltering right hand side of green catch you off the tee however, it makes for a  much longer hole.  Smart shot in required.

Hole 3

Par 4

A tough green to keep a ball close to the pin awaits players on this hole, the golfer who plays second to under the pin is rewarded on this hole

Hole 4

Par 4

The 4th Hole is rated the most difficult hole on the course for the men.  It requires a good long drive just left of middle which leaves a long iron shot, down hill to a longish green surrounded by 4 mounds.

Hole 5

Par 4

The 5th hole runs parallel to the 4th and is played slightly up hill.  It doglegs to the right after a group of tall gums.  A par here is always welcome.

Hole 6

Par 4

One of the few real birdie chances on the front nine, the sixth is a dogleg right par four of less than 300 meters.  The difficulty comes by way of avoiding two strategically placed ponds, either side of the fairway.

Hole 7

Par 4 Men, Par 5 Women

Number 7 travels along the northern “Out of Bounds” fence, up hill to a double tier green. Again, a par here always helps the scorecard.

Hole 8

Par 3

The eighth hole is the shortest of the par three’s at 130 meters for the men and 120 meters for the ladies.  A smallish green is guarded at the front left by sand and with a severe drop-off at the rear, makes this green an important one to be on in regulation.

Hole 9

Par 5

This long par five is a feature hole with “Out of Bounds” on the left, a creek in front of the green and bunker guarding the right hand side, this hole has upset many a good round.

Hole 10

Par 5

The 10th hole gives the long hitters another opportunity for a birdie by reaching this green in two.  There is a tight dogleg to be negotiated at the drive and two bunkers at the green but its the best opportunity for a birdie on the back nine.

Hole 11

Par 4

   Number 11 is another tough hole with the premium on driving accuracy.  Your drive must be just right of centre to have a clear shot through two huge gums either side of the fairway.  A good hole to par and is rated number 1 for the women.

Hole 12

Par 4

The 12th hole is another short par 4 but like most holes on the back nine, the fairway is narrow from where the player must find the smallish green.  The green is undulating which presents its own problems.  This hole can be an easy 3 or painful 7.

Hole 13

Par 3

    The 13th is probably the feature hole of the entire course. Its a middle iron par 3 over water to a double tier green and bunker.  Strangely, the green tilts away from the fairway so correct reading of this putting surface is a must.

Hole 14

Par 5

   The 14th is the second of the par 5’s on the back nine and again, it’s a tight squeeze for the drive and second shot.  The green has a mild slope from back to front and a bunker, to be avoided, at the front right.

Hole 15

Par 4

   Again, driving accuracy is tested at the 15th hole.  Not a long par 4 but the player must thread a drive through an alley of gums. Miss this fairway and the second shot to a narrow greens becomes a difficult task.

Hole 16

Par 3

   The par 3, 16th hole is another middle iron shot to a green surrounded by mounds.  No bunker here but correct club selection off the tee is vital.

Hole 17

Par 4

   The long 17th par 4 is a another tough hole where good length off the tee is helpful as the second shot goes to a green where on 50% of the surface is flat.  The remaining portions of the green slope away, leaving anything but a perfect shot to the middle of the green, drifting off down a slope.

Hole 18

Par 3

   The final hole is another mid iron par 3 where the green is shared with the 11th hole. With a bunker at the front and another at the rear, only correct club selection will give you a birdie chance here.

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